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Ducklings Room

Our Ducklings Room caters for a maximum of six children, aged between 3 months- 2 ½ years. The ratios are 1adult to every 3 children.

The room itself; has been designed into different areas with child sized furniture allowing children to self select from a range of age appropriate activities designed to stimulate their senses and development, and to encourage their natural inquisitiveness and need to explore which include: dressing up, role-play, story baskets, music and movement, being creative, sand and water, a out side garden to explore with a sensory area. We have a selection of story bags which we actively encourage parents/carers to take home and share with their child.

Encouragement, cuddles and support are given by our friendly, caring staff


Each child is allocated a key person who will work closely with parents/carers to establish each child’s individual routine in relation to feed times and sleep times/methods and as your child develops, they will continue to work in partnership with you, to support your child’s changing and individual needs.

Your key person will plan for your child’s individual learning and development using observations and taking by into account their current interests and dislikes.


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